In the mid-1990s the basis for a holding company structure was set up. Bertrams acquired the German Konus-Kessel company.
The Bertrams high temperature heating department and KonusKessel Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik GmbH became Bertrams-Konus Ltd. Switzerland.

End of 1999 the parent company was faced with financial difficulties, which did not, however, which affected the subsidiaries Chemgineering and Bertrams-Konus Ltd. Switzerland.
Since that time Bertrams-Konus closed down all activities under this name.

The requested heaters are of course no longer available through the previous former KonusKessel GmbH. However there exists still the possibility to supply the information of these heaters, (spare) parts for the previous delivered installations.
This possibility can be given by means of the still active in this branch mr. André Bastiani in the Netherlands.

Mr. André Bastiani is still active in this branche and he was that time part of the KonusKessel office in the Netherlands since the 80-ties.
Mr. André Bastiani can still deliver you all the needed information about these German quality KonusKessel installations, which you were used to have in the past from him or KonusKessel.

For information, please you can contact :
Mr. André Bastiani
P.O. Box 160
NL-7480 AD Haaksbergen
Tel. +31 (0) 653231730
eFax + 31 (0) 84 2299814
email info@bertrams-konus.com

see also my website : www.konuskessel.com